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Just Park Already!

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Where did we go wrong as a society that everybody just has to be right up front? Are people afraid that if they park in the first available spot they may burn up priceless calories from their supersize value meal from the extended walk to the door?

It nearly drives me insane when the land yacht in front of me puts their signal on in anticipation of getting the spot where the current occupants are loading up bags and what not. Meanwhile, there’s an empty space 5 spaces down! They could have parked, made it into the store and already selected several items for purchase by the time they made it into the “prized” spot. But more importantly, I could have made the same progress if they weren’t blocking the lane!

Nobody’s handing out prizes for the best parking spot! Just park your car in the first available spot and move on with your life so everybody else can, too. If that spot happens to be too far by your standards, then you most definitely need the exercise and should relish in that opportunity!

Don’t circle back around for a better spot, don’t stop in the middle of the lane and block everybody else. Just park your car, get your lazy ass out and walk. And while you’re at it, quit your yappin on the cell the whole while!