For the primary reason for the site, please read my Clear Left Lane rant.

I started driving in 1984. I still vividly remember driving on my learners permit with my sister, who was 18 and therefore a legal “teacher” from a driving perspective. I was a freshman in high school and she was a senior, so she’d let me drive her car to school on occasion. All she’d do is crank the stereo and yell at me to go faster as she applied her makeup using MY rearview mirror. It was terrifying! Well, it didn’t take long for me to abandon the cautious early days for the dangerous thrill seeking, driven by the immortal feeling teenagers have. After all, it’s always somebody else, right? This attitude was only reinforced by the many times I was let off with verbal warnings. It was as if I could do no wrong! I got pulled over at least 10 times before I got my first ticket, and then the gig was up. I was only 1 little point away from losing my license at one point, and that only cooled me off for a little bit.

Man, the things I got away with! I’ll try to post some of the more entertaining stories. The early years were all about besting my previous road trip times. If I was on the highway, I was doing well over 100 mph. My CRXsi maxxed out at about 119, but it could ride at max for HOURS. A little plug for Honda, they make one heck of a car. I drove that CRX incredibly hard for 11 years and it never gave me any trouble. As a result, I’ve never owned anything but Honda since. Even my motorcycle was a Honda with similar successes over the 8 or so years I rode. BTW, I never found the max on my Interceptor, but I did take the speedometer past 150 on a number of occasions. All I can say is it’s a good thing there were almost no cell phones on the road back then!

In retrospect, it’s a wonder I made it through those crazy years, and I’d never condone that behavior now that I’m all old and responsible 0:-). I clearly wasn’t in my right mind. I’m still a very aggressive and alert driver, but the speeds are much more safe and controlled.

Anyway, all of my insane years taught me some very valuable lessons, so I decided perhaps I could share some of that with you. After all, life is the biggest teacher, and I’ve had plenty of lessons ;).