Why Helmet and Seatbelt Laws Suck

The biggest reason I don’t like laws like this is because they impede the natural selection process. It’s much like how welfare enables a society to live unnaturally above their means, until they can’t (Think Irish potato famine and the Malthusian Theory – <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malthusian_catastrophe”>Wiki it</a>). Creating laws to protect the stupid is, uh… wait for it… stupid. Keeping around stupid people just pollutes the blood lines. Maybe that’s why there are so many people who hang out in the left lane.

Seriously, if somebody wants to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, or drive a car without a seatbelt, that’s their own stupid choice. If they make it for a long time like that then maybe they really are very talented drivers, or perhaps just lucky. Laws are good for keeping people from doing malicious harm to others, but keeping people from being stupid and hurting themselves – NO. And don’t start in on how we the taxpayers have to cover their medical costs – that’s the failure of an entirely different system.

Regulation in general annoys me. I’m tired of the political correctness that continues to grow, and the ridiculous lawsuits that have crippled our once great nation. “Oh, I had no idea that spilling scolding coffee on my lap would scold me! It’s YOUR fault for selling it to me!” “I didn’t know combustible gas that runs my car could combust when I ran over that other car while dialing my cell phone. You sold me an unsafe car, so pay me millions!” Wake up, there are many things in life that are dangerous, and it’s not up to the government to be your Mom and tell you which ones they are. Take some responsibility. Yes, driving is dangerous and it shouldn’t become such a complacent activity for everybody.

Instead of laws, products and services should be created and evolved through competition and economics. People should demand quality and accept nothing less. And it’s YOUR responsibility to determine if something is safe for you. If somebody wants to make a piece of junk car and sell it, then they should be allowed to as long as there are stupid people who are willing to buy them.

Every new law created to police the stupid is another chip away at the freedoms of everybody. Man, now I’m in a foul mood. sigh.

At any rate, please wear your seatbelt because it’s the smart thing to do, not because it’s required.

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