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The single biggest motivation for putting this site together is my incredible frustration from people hanging out in the left lane on the highway. Each year it has gotten worse. The past few road trips I’ve taken I passed far more cars on the right than on the left.

It seems to have become almost an epidemic. I don’t know if it’s from increased traffic volume, ignorance, or just complete lack of respect for fellow drivers. My guess is that it’s a little bit of everything.

Well, traffic volume is certainly higher than it was 20 years ago, but the roads have gotten wider, too. I’m not convinced this is a huge factor because it’s not like volume is so great that all lanes need to be packed at all times. My sense is that the opportunity for people to move right hasn’t gotten worse, just more people choosing not to.

It would appear that just about anybody can get a license these days. Heck, I’ve only had one driving test in my entire life, and the picture on my current license is a joke I was so young (and that doesn’t expire for many more years). Maybe it’s similar to what’s happened in the school system where we can’t hurt anybody’s feelings so we’ll just coddle everybody. Some of the things I see on the road are so incredibly poor that they should be grounds for immediate license revocation on the spot. So there’s one vote for ignorance.

I definitely think that in general people have become more concerned about themselves rather than the greater good. And I think that’s compounded by the anonymity of being in a car. I get the vibe from a lot of left-laners that they couldn’t care less about the right thing to do, or that they should show any consideration for their fellow human at all. So I guess there’s one vote for lack of respect.

Another group of left-laners might be those who believe they’re making the world a better and safer place by slowing down those foolish speeders. While it’s nice and all to take an interest and helping out the greater good, they’d be better served sticking with neighborhood watch instead. I would argue that these people actually make the road MORE dangerous than less.

Regardless of why people do it, I don’t think they’ve really thought it out all that well. Make sure to view the Top 10 Reasons You Should NOT Hang Out in the Left Lane. There may be a couple of reasons you hadn’t considered before.

I’d really be curious to hear what your thoughts are about why people hang out in the left lane. If you’re one of them, please enlighten me.

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4 Responses to “Clear Left Lane”

  1. James Says:

    Only time it’s acceptable is when they have to make a left turn. Other than that, get the Hell out of my way cause I got places to be. Im glad they have all the time in the world to WASTE, when your old you’ll say I wish I had more time/money can’t buy everything… well it will buy more gas for my car

  2. James Says:

    Oh and btw people here ADMIT to going 55/65 in the PASSING LANE because they don’t like it when others speed. They do it on purpose. If you are reading this YOUR AN ARROGANT POS!@#$ and are the reason there’s a traffic jam EVERY SINGLE DAY to and from work.

    quote from someone else “I at the very least do the speed limit, or keep up with traffic as long as people aren’t being ridiculous. But if I see some jerk moving in and out of lanes and I’m already speeding, I’m sure as hell not moving for him if I’m still keeping up with traffic and he’s just being a jerk. ”
    Some people are just so selfish and have a sense that their never wrong or have to control everything what if you had a genuine emergency…

  3. Alex Says:

    I am a 27 year professional tractor-trailer driver for UPS.
    I always drive in the right lane at, or just slightly below, the speed limit.
    It never ceases to amaze me that there will be no cars in front of me or behind me as far as the eye can see, yet there will be 15 cars – bumper to bumper – in the left lane, each patiently waiting for the driver in front of him to move over so HE can take the lead.
    It used to enrage me but with age I’ve come to recognize this as yet one more sign of how our society is spoiled with a “ME FIRST!” mindset.

    Now I just shake my head.

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